Wake Up the Muse

Writing Exercises and Challenges

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This community is solely devoted to short writing exercises and challenges intended to get the mind working, fingers moving, and words flowing. It's about getting past that block so you can actually sit down and start writing on that project. It's about getting that silly muse to wake up from her napping and start actually doing some work!

But the point of this community is NOT to post that fan-fic you've been working on all night. It's NOT about filling the screen with lines and lines of your latest [fill in the blank]. It's not a critiquing community and it's not a review or recommendation book club.

What we ARE talking here are little 5-15 minute writing projects that just get you thinking so you can go off and work on that other project.

Membership to this community is limited and posting within the membership is also limited. If you would like to post your accomplishments with the exercises and challenges, please post them as comments to the assignments.

My name is Kylene and I am the primary poster and creator of this community. When I graduated from high school (in 1998), I received an award from all the English teachers in my school, along with a dictionary and thesaurus. I went to college and got my B.A. in Liberal Arts and haven't done a dang thing yet to merit the award that my teachers presented to me. I've been writing creatively for as long as I can remember, my mom was very encouraging of my interest. I have yet, however, to write creatively *successfully*. I think it's time for that to change. This project is part of a challenge and process to help me toward that goal.